Natural Lash Growth Methods for Long Healthy Lashes

Natural Lash Growth Methods for Long Healthy Lashes

Natural Lash Growth Methods for Long Healthy Lashes

Everyone desires to have long, voluminous lashes but getting that look is often not for everyone. Especially if you're not a lash extension kind of gal. If you’d like to have long lashes, but aren’t interested in eyelash extensions, try these natural lash growth methods. They’re budget-friendly and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

The scientific research on promoting natural lash growth is slightly limited, but many people have claimed success with the following methods. Consider trying some out, and see which methods work best for you!

Natural Lash Growth Methods:


Use Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most popular ingredients used in eyelash serums. Castor oil has been used as a hair growth solution for many years, especially for eyelashes. While its effectiveness at promoting hair growth is not scientifically proven, many users have had wonderful results.

At the very least, castor oil will help greatly in moisturizing your lashes, making them appear more voluminous. But many people swear by its lash-growing properties!


Brush your Lashes

It may sound silly and simple but, brushing your lashes daily can actually promote natural lash growth. Similar to brushing your hair, combing lashes makes them appear longer and disperses the natural oils to help them grow full and strong.

Consider purchasing an eyelash comb or a disposable mascara wand and add combing your eyelashes to your nightly routine.


Try a Cold Green Tea Press

Green tea is packed with antioxidants which is wonderful for overall health. However, cold green tea presses have also been said to promote natural lash growth! Simply soak a cotton ball or pad in chilled green tea, apply it to your lashes, and rinse off after 5 minutes.


Keep your Lashes Hydrated

Hydrating your lashes promotes follicular development, so it’s important to keep lashes moisturized. To achieve this, you can use various products such as castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or aloe vera. These are all natural moisturizers that will have your lashes looking long and luscious.


Take your Vitamins!

It is known in the scientific community that vitamin deficiency can stunt hair growth. So, to ensure that your lashes are growing to the best of their ability, make sure you’re getting all your daily vitamins!


Vitamins for Healthy Lashes


Vitamin B

VITAMIN B3 Vitamin B3, AKA Niacin, help boost collagen production (which we all know by now is the holy grail of youthfulness). It helps promote essential growth, helping your lashes grow stronger and faster. Eating foods like salmon, brown rice, avocados and turkey can help you stock up on your B3 supplies.

Vitamin C

Everyone’s favourite immune-booster, taking vitamin C can prevent problems like infections and inflammation from hindering your lash growth.

Vitamin H
Otherwise known as Biotin, Vitamin H is nothing short of a wonder vitamin. Promoting growth, protecting structure and preventing fall outs, staying stocked up on Biotin will help you achieve your healthiest ever natural lashes. Eating organ meats, eggs, fish, seeds and nuts will help you meet your daily Biotin requirements.


If you’d prefer an all-in-one solution, try a women’s multivitamin that contains this golden triangle. Easy as 1,2,3!





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