Your biggest brow mistakes

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Your biggest brow mistakes

Brows frame our face and can make or break a look. However, there are common mistakes people make when it comes to their brows. In this blog post, we'll explore these blunders and how to rectify them for perfect arches that enhance your natural beauty, everytime.

Brows Being Too Dark:

  • Mistake: Using a brow product that is too dark can make your brows appear harsh and unnatural, this is also the case when opting for your brow colouring for henna or tinting
  • Fix: Opt for a brow product that matches your natural hair color or is one shade lighter. Light, feathery strokes will create a softer, more natural look. If you're still wanting a more defined look for your brows, your technician can use techniques when colouring your brows to achieve this for you

The Wrong Arch:

  • Mistake: Choosing an arch that doesn't suit your face shape can throw off your entire look
  • Fix: Consult a professional or use brow mapping techniques to find the right arch for your face shape. Remember, a slight curve works well for most

 Plucking Too Much Away:

  • Mistake: Over-plucking can lead to thin, uneven brows that take time to grow back
  • Fix: Put down the tweezers! Allow your brows to grow back as thick as possible. Consider a serum and seek the help of a professional for shaping. In the meantime, you could fake thickness with the use of a brow pencil or powder to fill in any sparse areas

 Brows Too Far Apart In the Middle:

  • Mistake: Placing the inner edge of your brows too close together can create a unibrow effect, the same goes for taking those hairs in the middle out too far! This causes your brow lengths to be uneven & is the wrong shape for your face
  • Fix: Again, we can fake this until we make it! We can use precision tinting techniques to get a fuller look for you, as well as mapping the correct shape

 Neglecting Brow Health:

  • Mistake: Neglecting to nourish your brows can lead to sparse, weak hair growth
  • Fix: Use a brow serum or nourishing brow oil to stimulate, hydrate and promote healthy hair growth. 


Remember, brows are a personal statement of style. While there are guidelines to follow, ultimately, what matters most is what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Experiment, take your time, and reach out to us for some friendly advice when in doubt.

With a little care and attention, you can achieve brows that beautifully compliment your features and can also cut your morning routine in half! Here's to having a good brow day, everyday!

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