Don't let the lash mites bite!

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Don't let the lash mites bite!

Have you heard of lash mites before or Demodex mite? If you haven't then it is about time that I introduce you, as lash mites occur in 80% of the population and there is a good chance you have them.


I know they sound gross, but they are harmless, as long they don't over populate.


Here are some facts:

  • Like I already mentioned lash mites appear in over 80% of people and most prone to lash mites are pet owners and elderly.
  • The are night active and live around the hair follicle anywhere on your face.
  • We can't see them with the naked eye, as they are only 0.1-0.4mm big.
  • They eat dead skin cells and natural oils.
  • They become a problem if they have too much to eat on and cause a build up on your hair follicle, which deprives your natural lashes from oxygen and nutrients.


The good news is, they don't have an anus, so they can't poop on us. They can become a problem if we get lazy and are not taking off our make up at night, especially mascara wearers, we are properly all guilty of that, just don't make it to a regular habit.

Even though they're more of a problem for mascara wearers, it is also important for lash extension wearers to stay on top of cleansing their lashes. We recommend to wash your eyelash extensions every 3 days with a lash cleanser if you don't wear make up around your eyes and to wash them every night if you do wear eyeliner, eye shadow or even mascara on your extensions. The bonus is that the lash cleanser doubles up as a makeup remover, so that solves your problem of having cotton, from your cotton rounds getting stuck to your extensions. Which creates another problem, which I won't get into now...

Additionally, a clean lash line can help to prevent infections and inflammation. It will also help your eyelash extensions last longer, and there is no oil residue to affect the glue bond.

So, if you want to maintain healthy and beautiful lashes, be sure to incorporate a lash and brow cleanser into your night routine. You can pick one up in salon on your next visit, or purchase online for only $12.50!

Night night don't let the lash mites bite ;)

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