The Difference Between Good & Bad Lash Serums

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The Difference Between Good & Bad Lash Serums


 Not All Lash Serums Are Created Equal – Here’s Why


When it comes to lash serums, there are seemingly countless options available on the market. With so much variety, it’s difficult for individuals to feel confident they have chosen a product that is actually going to work well for them. Unfortunately, far too many people spend money on a serum, only to have minimal results (if they see any difference at all).

More Than the Price Tag

Lash serums are certainly one of those products that bring to mind the phrase “you get what you pay for.” A serum with higher quality ingredients is going to cost more as the ingredients themselves are more expensive.

However, that doesn’t mean that simply seeing a higher price tag automatically translates to a lash serum that is going to work well. That truth makes the search even more difficult for customers. If you are looking for a high-quality lash serum, it’s important you understand the true difference between good and bad serums: the ingredients themselves.


Ingredients Are the Differentiator

The ingredients within each lash serum formula are what differentiate high-quality lash serums from the rest. Many “premium” serums include hormonal ingredients like prostaglandin and analogue. While there could be other, scarier, side effects of hormonal serums (i.e. skin pigment changes or drooping and/or swelling in the eyes), we’ll focus on the fact that they only work as long as they are being used. Your lashes can certainly grow with a hormonal serum, but they won’t become stronger or healthier – forcing you to continue to use the product to maintain results.

Castor oil is another type of serum that is used to promote hair growth, however there isn’t any scientific evidence to support castor oil. Some people say it is a great way to achieve longer lashes, while others aren’t convinced – making it a relatively divisive option.

When you are looking for a reliable, high-quality, lash or brow enhancing serum, you want to look out for serums that contain peptides. Serums with peptides are side-effect free, allowing you to feel confident you are helping your lashes become healthier, stronger, and longer without any undesirable consequences. The best part: your results can last even after you stop using the serum.


Our Recommendation

Having experience in all things lashes, we have done a lot of the hard work for you when it comes to researching lash and brow serums we feel can be trusted. Through trial and error, we have found that the Poni Lash & Brow Growth Serum reliably gives individuals great results thanks to the harmless ingredients (of course, peptides being one of them). For the best results, apply the serum to clean, dry, lash lines or brows every day. Note: you only need to dip the brush once to apply to both sides – ensuring the serum lasts even longer.

When you are investing in a lash or brow growth serum, you deserve to feel confident in the product you are using. With trusted ingredients comes trusted results, and that is precisely what Poni’s serum offers. Pick up a bottle from us and see the fantastic results in 3-6 weeks!

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