Get the Perfect Lash Look: Your Unique Eye Shape

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Get the Perfect Lash Look: Your Unique Eye Shape

When it comes to eyelash extensions, one size does not fit all. Each person's eye shape is unique, and choosing the right lash style can make a significant difference in enhancing natural beauty. Here, we'll explore four popular eye shapes in eyelash extensions and who they're best suited for: the cat eye, natural eye, open eye and spikes.

Cat Eye

The cat eye shape is characterized by a dramatic, elongated look. This style features longer lashes towards the outer corners, creating a winged effect that lifts and elongates the eyes. The cat eye is best suited for:

  • Round Eyes: The cat eye shape can help elongate round eyes, making them appear more almond-shaped and elongated
  • Close-Set Eyes: For clients with close-set eyes, the cat eye can create the illusion of more space between the eyes by drawing attention to the outer corners

Natural Eye

The natural eye shape aims to enhance the eyes without dramatic length or volume. This style focuses on creating a soft, fluttery look that enhances the natural lash line. The natural eye is best suited for:

  • Almond-Shaped Eyes: Clients with almond-shaped eyes can benefit from the natural eye shape, as it complements their eye shape without overpowering it
  • Medium to Long Lashes: Those with medium to long natural lashes can achieve a subtle yet noticeable enhancement with the natural eye style

Open Eye

The open eye shape is designed to create a bright, wide-eyed look by focusing on lifting and opening the eyes. This style features longer lashes in the center of the eye, with a slight taper towards the outer corners. The open eye is best suited for:

  • Hooded Eyes: Clients with hooded eyes can benefit from the open eye shape, as it helps lift the eyelid and create the illusion of more open, awake eyes.
  • Small Eyes: For clients with small eyes, the open eye shape can make the eyes appear larger and more open by adding length and volume to the center of the lash line


The spikes shape is all about adding drama and edge to the eyes. This style features longer lashes that are individually placed to create a spiked, edgy look. The spikes style is best suited for:

  • Bold and Edgy Looks: Clients looking for a bold and edgy look can opt for spikes to add a dramatic flair to their eyes
  • Lash Lovers: For those who love experimenting with different lash styles, spikes can be a fun and adventurous choice to showcase their personality

Understanding different eye shapes and their suitability for specific eyelash extension styles is key to achieving the desired look. Whether you're aiming for a dramatic cat eye, a subtle natural eye, doll eye or an open-eyed look, consulting with a professional lash technician can help you find the perfect style to enhance your unique eye shape and natural beauty.

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