5 Tips on how to make your lashes last longer?

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How to Improve Retention

Wash your lashes daily

Tip 1: Wash your lashes and eyelids daily.

I can't stress this enough! Not only will it improve your retention but it ensures your eyes and natural lashes are straying healthy! By adding that extra step to your daily routine you are avoiding the potential risk of getting eye infections, dust accumulation and make up build up! Poor hygiene will have direct effect on your lash growth and can cause bald spots and permanent damage. 

What is the best way to wash your lashes?

In general you can let water run through your lashes when you in the shower, but we also recommend using a lash cleanser at least 3 times a week, for squeaky clean lashes. Not only is the lash cleanser cleaning away make up, oils and dead skin cells it also has a anti-bacterial and soothing property. Our lash cleanser is available in salon for $12.50 that includes a free lash brush at a value of $4.95. Or order online here: Lash & Brow Cleanser


Break up with your oil containing make up

Tip 2: Break up with your oil containing make up

Not all beauty products are okay to use with lash extensions. Oil based products will break down the glue bond resulting in lashes falling off quicker. Consider trading your oil based products for some extension friendly ones. For example use gel based eyeliner instead pencil eyeliner. In general stay away from waterproof make up which always contains oil. If you have trouble finding suitable products we have oil free make up option available in salon. 

do not sleep on your face and squash your lashes

Tip 3: Don't sleep on your face!

Sleep on your back if possible. If you sleep on your side, protect your eyelashes by sleeping on the edge of your pillow. Upgrade your pillow case to a satin or silk one, it will cause less pulling and tugging on your lashes & Bonus it's amazing for your hair and skin too.

do not touch your lashes

Tip 4: Don't touch your lashes with your fingers.

The oils or lotions from your hands could breakdown the glue bond between your natural lashes and the extensions & cause break down of the glue. Also touching your lashes could lead to unnecessary picking & pulling. This is a very bad habit to have & it can cause permanent damage to your natural lashes. Always use mascara wand when it comes to your lash extensions. HAND OFF!

clean your lashes after swimming

Tip 5: Give your lashes an extra wash after swimming, crying or heavy sweating.

Salt is the enemy. If salt dries on your lash extensions, it will make your lashes crusty & crunchy and they will fall out prematurely. Don't let salt ruin your lashes. Next time you watch a sad movie, or you go to a hot yoga session.... WASH YOUR LASHES GIRL!


Follow those 5 tips to ensure good retention and by doing so you will protect your investment. If you have any questions ask your technician at your next appointment or book in a free lash consultation. We are always happy to help!

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